Effective and person-oriented sales

The goal of the training:

The classic sales procedure involves two human beings where typically emotion-driven decisions are made. A good salesman knows his product, his customer and the appropriate techniques (left hemisphere). An outstanding salesman is capable to side with his potential customer as equal partners or even friends, however this requires a large portion of emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) (right hemisphere).

Therefore we consider it essential participants to develop the ability to recognize and understand the personality– and behaviour signs of their negotiation partner and themselves, to build the bridge of trust, to have an emotional effect and ethically but also effectively drive the entire process from the first contact to re-marketing. A complex training spannig from basics to masterstrokes, where participants practice effective techniques, improve their personality and EQ and learn how to „leave a trace”, to excel the mass of average and even good salesmen.


In order to reach these goals we work on the following subjects:

  • effective and person-oriented sales thinking
  • DISC / Success Insight method (personality typology)
  • adaptation to different behaviour types and control
  • assertive communication
  • methods of acquiring new clients
  • masterstrokes of contacts via telephone
  • preparations prior to negotiation (dress codes, types of handshakes, introduction, ice-braking, seating order)
  • negotiation rules and techniques
  • depositing into the trust-account ,
  • the taste of the price-burger,
  • types of questions and effective questioning techniqes,
  • methods of how to close a deal
  • follow-up
  • defining goals (SMART goals)
  • time management
  • real and false excuses and how to handling them
  • asking for recommendations